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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 6, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> in terms of the border it's a disgrace. either we have a border or we don't have a country. >> the brutal murder of a san francisco woman is giving credibility to donald trump's charge, that america is not protecting its citizens. tonight, charles krauthammer, mary katharine ham and juan williams will all weigh in. >> i salute donald trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. the washington cartel doesn't want to address that. >> the republican party divided over trump's statements on how to handle illegal immigration. karl rove has some thoughts on that. >> who did we declare independence from? >> france? >> also ahead watters world, the fourth of july edition.
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while americans were celebrating, some of them have no idea why. >> what year did america declare independence from great britain. >> 1973? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the ville occasion of donald did the truth hurt or did donald trump unfairly malign. talking points will answer the question. the primary mistakes he made in his speech was speaking generally about the border problem. most mexicans who overstay their visa stay do so because economically deprived. largely under educated folks
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trying to feed their families. also, the vast majority of illegal aliens do not do not commit crimes while on american soil, apart from their immigration offenses. but there are very big problems stemming from mexican illegal immigration and the stats tell the truth. as we all know, mexico is the major supplier of illegal drugs into the u.s.a. the drug cartels down there have corrupted the police and many politicians. they are brutal thugs who commit mass murder, torture and generally shame their nation. isis has nothing on these drug cartels. they are both savage enterprises. the government of mexico not capable of defeating the drug lords and the government down there rejects direct american intervention. u.s. drug agents, for example, are not allowed to carry firearms in mexico, thereby putting themselves at great risk assisting mexican authorities. for decades mexico city has
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allowed organized crime to brutalize its own people and americans as well. some of the drug organizations have branched out now into people smuggling. charging money to get desperate my grants across the border. in the process many, if not most my my migrant women. it's not the mexicans. little supervision on the mexican side of the border. citizens run by the drug cartels. border security in mexico nonexistent and has been for decades. that situation is not going to improve. so trump is correct in saying that only a massive wall will stop the chaos and even then drugs and people will get through although not to the extent they do now. washington knows all this. but has turned away from securing the border ever since president reagan promised to do that after he signed an immigration am
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else in city in 1986. mr. reagan did not keep his promise. and every single president since has failed to secure the southern border. every one. now, what about the immigrants themselves? 59% of mexican residents and illegal aliens have less than a high school education. only 4% have a college degree. 68% are poor or near poor. 57% receive means tested welfare of some kind paid for by the american taxpayer. 56% do not have health insurance, many of those receiving obamacare subsidies. so trump's analysis is correct. the majority of mexicans coming from the u.s.a. are not achievers in the economic sense. to be fair, that was the case with the irish italian, and european immigration waves of the past. hard working people coming here to try to improve themselves.
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but, here is the dangerous part now. according to government statistics, 71% of non-american citizens in federal prisons are from mexico columbian nationals second just 4%. mexican criminals represent a whopping 16% of all convicts serving time in federal penitentiaries. that's a huge burden on the american taxpayer and a dangerous situation for we, the people. like 32-year-old kate steinly. last wednesday kate was walking with her father in san francisco enjoying the east coast when she was shot dead on the street for absolutely no reason at all. police say 45-year-old francisco sanchez illegal immigrant from mexico murdered kate. he has six felony convictions. has been deported five times. yet, he is still walking around the streets of san
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francisco, this guy. that's because mayor ed lee and the 11 members of the san francisco city supervisors refuse to cooperate with the federal government on criminal aliens. the feds asked the city of san francisco to keep sanchez in custody. the city refused. ms. steinle paid for that irresponsible and unconstitutional decision with her life. san francisco is a sanctuary city and proud of it. and violent crimes committed by criminal aliens have happened there before. city authorities refuse to say how many because they know it's a huge scandal a black mark on the history of san francisco the most tolerant of cities. the family of kate steinle asking for calm, not vengeance. but talking points is not as charitable. in 1996, president bill clinton signed the illegal immigration reform and responsibility act which stipulated that local and state authorities were to cooperate with the feds in
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apprehending illegal aliens, especially criminals. in 2007, then mayor gavin newsom issued an executive order stating that as a sanctuary city san francisco would not would not cooperate with federal authorities on illegal immigration matters and would protect even criminal aliens. the feds did nothing. in 2010, the obama administration open lid -- openly said it would not punish cities that refused to obey the 1996 immigration law. so here's the deal. the mayor and city supervisors of san francisco are directly responsible for the murder of kate steinle and the obama administration is complicit. attorney general loretta lynch could order the fbi today to arrest mayor lee and the supervisors for violating federal law. she is within her authority to do that. i know that's not going to happen because racial
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politics drives the law these days which is why trump caught so much hell. the constitution demands that the federal government protect americans from foreign intruders, demands it. obviously that responsibility is not being met. and if you point that out as trump did you're a racist. a piñata for the open border crowd debash. the fact that a felon could be deported five times and still be walking around san francisco should shame congress, shame it. where is a law that says if you are deported one time and come back, you serve five years in prison? where is that law? congress should pass it and if president obama doesn't sign it, everything will be on the table. it will be on him. that legislation should be called the kate law. much like jessica's law. who responsible who will sponsor the new law? who will do it? please let me know directly. we are looking for some
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legislators in washington who have courage. are you out there? are you out there? talking points is disgusted with the cowardice of our elected officials from the crazy left san francisco people to the president to the congress. most of them are rich folks who could not care less about the violence and chaos, out-of-control criminal activity south of the border is creating in this country. if mexico does not crack down hard on border intrusions and drug trafficking, we should punish them economically, punish them, period. this entire disaster has been going on for far too long. the excuse that america is at fault because we use drugs and secure our side of the border is valid. we are at fault. that does not excuse mexico's rampant corruption and abuse of its own people. drug and people smuggling injure millions and cost lives. it's the dirtest of crimes. finally the poor people sneaking in here to paint your house are not the
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problem. they're not the problem. the cowardly politicians will not uphold the law and the constitution are the problem. that's what donald trump should have said. and that's the memo. next on the rundown reaction to my no artificial flavors, colors sweeteners preservatives, and no artificial smiles. because clean dressings, taste better. panera. food as it should be. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief.
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? and in the impact segment tonight, reaction to my talking points memo and the fact that america is not protecting us from harm. joining us from washington, mary katharine ham author much the book "end of discussion." here in the city juan williams both fox news analysts. this 32-year-old woman kate, professional woman out for a walk in one of san francisco's big tourist areas, guy shoots her to death. the mayor of san francisco and a city supervisor, they are responsible partially for this. are they not? >> no. >> no? the feds asked the city directly to hold this guy in prison and they wouldn't
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with. >> that's because they are sanctuary city. >> okay. who is the policy on that? that's the mayor and the city supervisor make the policy. you are saying they are not responsible partially for the death of this woman? how does that stack up? >> they didn't find the gun shoot the gun. the guy is an alcoholic apparently. >> drug addict. >> drug addict. you know more than i do. obviously it's a disturbed person bill. >> okay. >> vow a sanctuary city. >> he should have been in jail. >> okay. >> all right? the feds asked san francisco the city to put him in jail and hold him. the city of san francisco said we are not holding him even though he has five deportations and seven felonies. >> do you know why? >> you are sitting there telling me they are not responsible? >> because it makes us safer to have a sanctuary city. there is less crime when you are able to have these immigrants and people who live with these immigrants report crimes to the police, able to rent, able to do things every day drive a car, so that they don't have to worry about being deported. >> this is a criminal alien the feds specifically asked to be held and they said. no what do you say mary
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katharine? >> you are honing in on the right thing bill they are partially responsible when you have somebody deported five times and they can't get their hands around the fact that that this is a dangerous character. that is partly the system failing the people of san francisco whether it's the sanctuary city or the feds not doing their part. i think this speaks to what much of america has a problem with when we talk about reforming the immigration system is. yeah reform needs to happen and also we don't trust you guys to touch t. with a 30-foot poll pole. that's the issue you come up when you try to pass something in congress like this. there are plenty of ways to talk about a serious problem with any -- in a smarter way than trump did. >> i'm for holding people accountable for what they do. everything i said in that talking points memo is correct. >> you also didn't paint what the same broad brush. look these thing can be
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dangerous outliers. >> trump should have taken my memo he didn't know my memo but reserved it the way my people research it federal law in 1996 signed by your guy bill clinton you liked him passed by congress. the city says we are not going to obey the law. what should the federal government do to the city. >> in this case they shouldn't do anything. they made a decision. >> you said juan williams said there is a federal law. city says i'm not going to obey the federal law. the feds should do nothing. that's anarchy. >> it's anarchy if the federal government doesn't look and say we are making a policy decision. >> they can change the law if they want to. the slaw on the books. you say the federal government should do nothing, which they haven't all right? that's anarchy. that means any municipality in this country can obey any law they want to obey and they don't have to go by what congress passes. an arcky. that's what you are holding up here. >> here's' the thing. your memo is right knock but your memo is one sided. the fact is if you look at your memo, you would conclude we have a crime problem in this country
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caused by illegal immigrants like this mexican guy. >> i think it's specifically -- whoa, mary katharine, did you see the 71% of foreign nationals are mexicans? >> yes i did. >> did you see that? that's a problem. >> do you know in fact when you look at the rate of crime committed in this country by people who are native born americans as opposed to illegal immigrants it's higher. do you know even as the number of illegal immigrants has grown in this country the rate of violent crime has gone down? >> i'm stunned that you are supporting anarchy. >> juan is right to point out those statistics and you also pointed out bill, most people who do come across the border are not the folks that donald trump referenced. here's the problem is the feds have said we are going to focus specifically on criminal aliens, not the regular folk, the trade-off is supposed to be that we are safer because we have resources to allocate to the most dangerous here they are failing in that case again. >> failing every part of immigration law.
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every part since 1986. all the republicans and all the democrats. all right guys, thank you. directly ahead the republican party divided over the immigration chaos. ted cruz sticking um for trump. rick perry hammering him. karl rove then later charles krauthammer on the country of greece wanting the world to pay its bills. factor is
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unresolved problem segment tonight, how should republican presidential contenders handle. >> if donald trump was a mole how would his behavior be different? i don't think it would be. there is all this loose talk but there is something to it about the republican brand. picture him on stage in
8:22 pm
cleveland. he says something hideously inflammatory, which all he knows how to say. and then what do the other nine people on stage do? do they either become complicit by their silence or do they have to attack him? >> joining us now from austin texas, karl rove. that's exactly what has happened is that the anti- -- the pro-open border people have demanded that each republican candidate respond to donald trump and what they feel. so jeb bush has condemned mr. trump. rick perry has criticized him. ted cruz has supported him somewhat. this is working to the democrats' favor is it not. >> yeah. i would view it as slightly differently. the media and democrats will force republicans to answer for what donald trump says. we saw this happen before. remember when todd aiken said the ugly things he said about abortion in 2012? they asked every republican starting with mitt romney as
8:23 pm
to whether or not they agreed. and we were doing focus groups three days after that todd aiken interview in 2012 in denver, colorado, you could not convince independent women who were undecided about the presidential race that mitt romney had a different view than -- of abortion than did todd aiken. there is a real danger here, yeah look, first thing is every republican had better be prepared to be asked about this because they will be asked by somebody in the media or provoked by a democrat or pro-vehicle by their own liberal biases. they will be asked to comment on what donald trumps at says. >> and they should say what if you were advising them? >> first of all remember. this this is really important. this is out of the fox news poll. 18% of all voters and 29% of republicans said donald trump is a serious candidate. this is when he began his campaign. 77% of all voters and 64% of republicans said it was a side show. my suspicion is the side show is slightly larger today. having said that that means
8:24 pm
treat him with respect and he is going to draw him himself down by making his own mistakes. is he not as thoughtful or well researched as you shall, bill, in making some of the points you did. right from the beginning treat him with respect and put the emphasis on what they believed and what they would do. and if possible never say his name. be prepared no matter what you do, no matter how you say it, for him to use the opportunity to come back back at you particularly on social media jeb bush says here is what i believe. what does donald trump say? he puts up a tweet that says he has to like the mexican illegals because of his wife. of course jeb bush is married to a woman whom he met when she was a mexican national who is now a u.s. citizen. that's the kind of thing you have to expect to happen and ignore it unless it is an opportunity to put him back in his place. >> the issue itself is a very tough one for republicans, because no matter what they say look, i think that talking points memo was honest and fair to
8:25 pm
everybody. but i will tell you what, i know i'm going to be demonized anti-hispanic anti-mexican. i know what's going to happen. i don't care i'm here to tell the truth. a politician might. >> bill, i think by and large what you said is imineptly defensible and the right tone. look at rick perry. you think you are a hard ass on immigration. listen to rick perry. he has actually been talking about one of the things that is really important for our country to do that is to move our immigration forces to the border. right now in texas our immigration people are basically 50 miles away from the border except at the bridges. so his point is you ought to put more people right there on the border so that. >> yeah. >> so you could use technology to detect these people. let me finish my point. my point is that rick perry consistently got reelected with 40% to 45% of the latino vote. our current governor of texas is pretty hard nosed on immigration and made it a
8:26 pm
big part of his campaign. he won 50 persian of hispanic vote. reason he is he had the right tone. a tone of mutual respect. >> there is another reason. >> there is another reason. and that is hispanic americans who live in texas see firsthand what's happening in most of the other country. i have one question for you and i have to run. hard ass that's a hard donkey? is that what you are referring to? >> no, that's just me hard nosed. that's tough it. right there on the edge. >> i just want to bring a borough in. i don't know. mr. rove, thank you as always: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. embarrassing as the isis murders continue to murder with no consequence. president obama went to the pentagon. brit hume will have analysis on that. watters world the fourth of july edition. while search having a good time how many actually know anything about the fourth.
8:27 pm
hope you stay tuned to those
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8:31 pm
necessary to defeat them. what say you? >> well, i don't think this visit to the pentagon betokens a new strategy the white house has said as much. but there were some stepped up air attacks over the weekend. i think they said there were 19. that's not a blizzard of air strikes. they hit rocca the headquarters city in syria. apparently they blew up some bridges, killed some people and the administration, i think, is eager to have it known that this activity occurred and that it did some damage. >> okay. but, i think everybody understands that president obama doesn't want to a confrontation with isis in a way that would defeat them because he is not going to defeat them dropping 19 bombs on raqqa. everybody knows that can't get the weapons to the kurds, directly. have to go through baghdad which steals them and does crazy things. after a year of this nonsense and every day we hear about new atrocities that isis is committing.
8:32 pm
now they are are in six or seven countries. it's almost hollow when he does this kind of stuff am i wrong or am i fair? >> this is not a major concerted campaign to try to destroy this organization. >> right. >> this is a gradual modest campaign to try to keep isis in some kind of check and i think the president is quite content to pass the isis problem along to it a successor. i might also say bill, that i don't think the president looks at isis and says this is a threat to the mainland of the united states or to our major interests overseas. now, you can make a pretty good argument otherwise, but i think that's what he thinks. as long as that's the case, there is no use expecting him to mount a major effort to destroy isis. >> how wrong is he though? let me point out what the danger to the united states is you have isis destabilizing the government of iraq, thereby impowering iran who has to come in and fight them and is not going to leave. all right so that gives
8:33 pm
iran more power. and all the blood and treasure we spent in iraq is up in smoke. all right. number two you got six other countries that isis is expanding in. they're killing and murdering people. i know the president detaches himself from those atrocities and i guess maybe you would have to do that to run this country. but the third thing is that isis has sworn to launch as al qaeda was missions against the u.s.a. and you are allowing them to grow in power. you are allowing them sanctuaries in where they can plan and get what they need to get to hit us. and i don't see the president having any urgency about any of that. >> i agree with you about that bill. i don't think he has any urgency about that i think to take the first point that you raised about iran, i think the president believes that he is on the way to making a strategic alliance of some type or at least a strategic detente with iran in which case he is content to leave the job of snuffing out isis, which is sunni to the iranians, who are shia.
8:34 pm
and that's perfectly dove tails with his objective of trying to make common cause at least on some levels with iran. >> tomorrow is another deadline. do you think they are going to come to a deal tomorrow? >> well, i think they will come close enough that they will probably want to keep talking. i don't think that this deadline passes that the administration is worried about that because if it does then the consideration time for congress expands from 30 days on any deal to 60 days. of course, that would give more time for opposition to mount. i think the administration fears. >> if they don't make a deal tomorrow, then congress, instead of having 30 days to okay it, stands to 60 days. that's what the urgency is to make the deal? >> that's the idea. and that's what i think is making the administration try to push this through. but they have not ruled out and pointedly did they refuse to rule out a further extension to further suggest they don't have a deal and you heard the secretary of state say over the weekend that they are prepared to walk away.
8:35 pm
i think they would like desperately not to walk away but who knows. >> okay. brit hume, everybody. krauthammer on tech. we will take a look at the sanctuary city situation from his point of view and greece wanting the world to pay its bills. charles is next. ♪ to steady betty. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting? i've got two. yeah we've gotta go. i gotta say it man this is a nice set-up. too soon. just kidding. nissan sentra. j.d. power's "highest ranked compact car in initial quality." now get 0% financing or a great lease on the nissan sentra. ♪ ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight, we wanted to get charles krauthammer's opinion of my assertion that the federal government should crack down on sanctuary cities. in the talking points memo i said san francisco mayor ed lee is responsible for the murder of a young woman by a five times deported felon. also greece wanting the world to pay its bills. joining us now from washington is charles krauthammer. first, sanctuary cities. what would you do. >> well, you know, this isn't new, the first one was declared in 1979, l.a. you would have thought that we got over this notion of states and localities proclaiming their own laws in defiance of the federal law civil rights era 50, 60 years ago when people would stand in the schoolhouse door and deny intercongratulation because
8:40 pm
>> -- few states were thinking of holding out on their own o. you are not supposed to do that you certainly aren't supposed to do that on sanctuary cities. i think it's a disgrace, clear, very clear that immigration law is in the hands of the federal government. this administration when arizona tried to strengthen immigration laws went after them and sued them. but when you have dozens of localities not only weakening but essentially abandoning the immigration laws they don't say a word. the only thing can you do is withhold money. >> you can have the mayor of san francisco arrested. you could. because he openly has said, look, we are not going to hand over the criminal aliens. as i said and it's worth repeating. this man who killed the 32-year-old woman was held -- he was in custody and the feds said is specifically you hold him don't let him go.
8:41 pm
they let him go. that's a criminal offense because the federal law as you know, overrides the state law the city law. they have to obey. but because the obama administration won't enforce the 1996 law signed by bill clinton, these cities, it's anarchy. it's total anarchy. >> this is not the only issue on which the obama administration unilaterally stops enforcing the law. it's done so with low level drug crime where they basically told their prosecutors supposed to be discretion but it's really overriding the law unconstitutionally that certain crimes with minimum sentences are simply not to it be prosecuted and even evidence to be withheld so it doesn't trigger the automatic sentence. they have done it, of course on immigration where they essentially unilaterally passed the dream act. you can argue that the dream act is a good idea. but that's for congress to go. it's not for the administration to do. and the whole thing the
8:42 pm
beingsive order obama signed last year that is now being held up by a texas judge because it is unconstitutional is a way of simply unilaterally saying we are not going to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books passed by congress for 5 million illegal immigrants. if you give that message, of course people around the country. >> i need a quick yes or no because i want to get to greece mayor lee in san francisco partially responsible for this woman's death in your opinion. >> look, a lot of people are partially responsible. i would rather arrest the guy who did the shooting. >> he is already arrested. other guys let out against the wishes of the federal government. but also responsible is the federal government and an administration that sends a signal that there are no rules, there are no laws. >> you don't have to obey the law. greece, they want everybody to pay their bills. they go to the polls. they are all happy that they voted against any kind of austerity, economic
8:43 pm
austerity. they want their big pensions but they want the european union to pay for them. i wouldn't. i would say hey have a goods time down there i will see you. i am not paying you any more. we are not lending you anymore. bye-bye. you would do what? >> i would do the same and i think europe is going to do the same. they won't do it quite as bluntly but, you know, the greeks want to live off. >> everybody else. >> hard working northern europeans and you can do that for a while. do that through two bailouts but in the end, if you don't reform your system, the europeans are not going to go along. the greeks are celebrating today, that's going to be a very short lived celebration. >> you know, some ways the greek is saying, no, i don't want you dancing like i do over. this i want responsibility. charles krauthammer, everybody, watters on deck. fourth of july edition, do we the people know anything about the most important national
8:44 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, the fourth of july edition. most americans had a long holiday weekend honoring the declaration of independence where in 1776 we told england to basically shove it so to speak. but how many americans really know anything about our quest for independence. we sent watters to long beach out on long island to find out. ♪ ♪ >> what does july 4th commemorate. >> it commemorates the signing of our declaration of independence. >> thanking people who served. >> well that's memorial day. >> who did we declare our independence from. >> i'm not a history buff. >> europe? >>
8:48 pm
[ buzzer ] >> can you narrow it down a little more. >> france. >> the mother land, pretty much america. [ buzzer ] >> britain? [bell] >> the british? >> the british. >> do you remember the name of the king who we kicked to the curb? >> king arthur. [ buzzer ] >> king arthur? [ laughter ] >> i don't know a lot of kings. >> king -- not tut ♪ king tut. >> i really don't pay attention a lot to history it bores me to death. >> king george? >> oh, yeah. >> king george? [bell] >> king george iii. we will give it to you though. >> all right. ♪ ♪ >> do you remember what year we declared independence? [crickets chirping] >> no. >> 1946. [ buzzer ] >> no. can't be. >> 1973. [ buzzer ] >> think about that one for
8:49 pm
a second. >> 1737. [ buzzer ] >> there is like a jingle for it. >> 1776? [bell] >> 1776. [bell] >> that's the only class i went to in high school was history. >> what was the war called we declared our independence. >> not the civil war. the civil war? >> [ buzzer ] >> world war ii? >> it starts with r. [ laughter ] >> not the renaissance. >> revolutionary? >> revolutionary war. >> my history teacher is going to be really angry at me. okay. ♪ ♪ >> the general who won the revolutionary war for america, do you remember his name? >> patton? [ buzzer ] >> ulysses s. grant maybe? [ buzzer ] >> you guys are killing me. >> wasn't he a drunk or something like that? >> general -- i don't know. >> george washington. [bell] >> very, very good.
8:50 pm
>> good president before my time though. >> just a little bit. >> who was the first president? >> lincoln? [ buzzer ] >> not lincoln. >> franklin. [ buzzer ] >> he is on the quarter. >> i don't look at quarters. [ laughter ] >> who signed the declaration of independence? >> i know ben was there. ben franklin was there right? there. i can't get them all right ♪ ♪ >> how many clones were there at first? >> 20? >> lower? >> 10. >> higher. >> 15. >> lower 13. >> all right. how many original clones? >> 13. >> 13? >> name one of the original colonies? >> alabama. >> oregon? [ buzzer ] >> philadelphia was a city. >> arkansas? [. [ buzzer ] >> east coast.
8:51 pm
>> kentucky. >> america? >> america? >> massachusetts. [bell] >> jersey >> i'm watters and you are in my world right here. >> you taught me a lot today. >> well, let that sink in. [ laughter ] >> at least you got some right. >> i made an a plus in history. >> i would talk to the teacher. >> all right. here is watters. now here is my question to you. some of these people obviously very ill informed. >> right. >> after you stopped interviewing them are they please don't put it on? >> some people will say please don't put it on i will say sorry, we will do our best. >> right. >> the woman who bombed, her mom watched her the whole time her mom was trying to give her answers. i would say no, no. no cheating. no chirping. >> some of them realized they are not looking too strong. >> some say where can i see this even after they have gone 0 for 6.
8:52 pm
>> they are not getting it. >> sometimes i don't tell them when they can. >> do any of them feel bad and say no, i'm going to get all of bill o'reilly's books and read them. >> no one has said i'm going to buy bill's books after this. >> maybe they should. >> yeah. >> there is no remorse they don't know anything. >> some are embarrassed but they quickly get over it because it's not that big of a deal. >> because they will get on tv. >> excited. bigger than anything. >> kind of like the bachelor or the bachelorette. >> right. >> don't care how much you humiliate us it's tv and we are on it those questions are as simple as we can possibly make them. >> first president. they don't know who the first president is. >> i never look at quarters. okay. so, i don't know, but then i'm going to get the mail, come to dubuque iowa, everyone knows the answers. the shame of it is that's not true. >> are you going to send me to dubuque iowa? >> we might. send you there for a test drive. >> working on the fourth. factor tip of the day.
8:53 pm
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new bayer pro ultra omega-3. >> the importance of the american women's soccer team victory in a moment. first we're very pleased with the response to hitler's last day. as you may know many public schools do not teach world war ii and they are absolutely clueless. they won't be if you get them this book. your statement that hillary clinton is subjected to false accusations is humorous. why do you think she destroyed all her e-mail? first, there is more person in the country more mocked right now than secretary clinton.
8:56 pm
second, i want the e-mails and every other legitimate issue investigated. i want that. you glibly opined that they will never get to the bottom of it. >> from long beach, new york. the feds say they're investigating airline price collusion. i thought they can't comment on investigations. they won't comment on individuals being investigated because of the stigma that causes. industries in general do not fall under that. paul, rapid city south dakota. could you splanl how the republican party will narrow down the presidential field? >> the party can't narrow anything. folk are free to run if they're registered within the party. the debates which start august 6 on fox news will tell the tale. bill, thanks tort tip asking the president to light the white house in red, white and blue for the fourth.
8:57 pm
he didn't do it. he should have done it. from billings my father dr. mcdonald held, 105 years old. served in the philippines during world war ii. while reading killing patton he was very impressed. still reading at 105. impressed. just bought my husband a bill premium membership. out late september and you will be getting one of the first copies if you order it and pre order it. would you ask mr. goldberg to share the secret to ageing? he looks amazing. bill, enjoyed your singing. please incorporate more of it into the factor. sure, we'll schedule a hootennanny later this month. and finally, congratulations to the american women's soccer
8:58 pm
team. last night in vancouver, canada the ladies soundly won. the u.s. dominated and brought home the world cup. the first time since 1999. the importance of this is that the world saw american women celebrating their country, honoring the flag proud of it. this patriotic demonstration is a anything natural that we remain a united country despite our political problems. a great image builder for america. back to the tip of the day. that is it for us. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' also, from anywhere in the world o'reilly @fox word of the day. no crassitude.
8:59 pm
i'm going to try to get this law, the case law up and running in the congress. just so you know. so there week we'll have a number of reports on this kind of thing. that the sanctuary cities aren't obeying federal law. the obama administration is saying that's all right. that's anarchy. far more importantly, congress should pass a very simple law. if you are deported and you're an illegal alien and you come back, that is a minimum five-year sentence in a federal pen tentry. that's a simple law. that's easy to do. we've contacted speaker boehner's office. we've contacted mitch mcconnell's office. we'll see if they get behind it. we'll see who steps up to sponsor it. i'll name names all this week. and they're either going to do it or they're not. but you the factor viewer are going to know. all right? who really wants to protect this country and who does not. and that is our mission this
9:00 pm
week on "the factor." thanks for watching us. remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, tough new questions for democrats from a big city mayor all the way to the president of the united states. after an illegal immigrant with a criminal history and five separate deportations finds his way to the sanctuary city of san francisco where he is now accused of murdering a young woman in cold blood. good evening. welcome to the kelly file. i'm in for megyn kelly. francisco had seven felonies on his record and had been deported multiple time before he shot a woman on a san francisco pier last wednesday. she was walking with her father when she was murdered in what was initially described as a random attack.